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New York Harm Reduction Educators, known as NYHRE, is the largest syringe exchange program on the east coast and possibly in the country. Yet syringe exchange represents only one part of the services provided by this agency. With a budget of close to $2.7 million, NYHRE provides a seamless continuum of care to 7,218 individuals. During 2006, over 850,000 clean syringes were distributed to injection drug users in the South-Central Bronx and East Harlem. NYHRE serves adults, primarily from communities of color: approximately 67% of the participants are Latino/a 25% are African-American and 5% are White; two-thirds are male. Currently, NYHRE provides services to 469 HIV+ clients.

NYHRE’s continuum of street-side services was developed as follows:

Date of Initiation
Syringe Exchange Program
Collects used syringes in exchange for sterile syringes, teaches harm reduction, and provides a gateway to all of NYHRE’s services
Street Outreach
Locates, engages, and enrolls un(der)connected drug users in NYHRE services
Stress Reduction, Supportive, and Recovery Readiness
Prepares high risk clients to move in the direction of treatment and care by providing them with a variety of psycho-educational support groups, referrals to life stabilizing services, support groups to reduce isolation and holistic health services including acupuncture.
Access to Early Intervention
Assists high risk un(der)connected drug users in connecting to the AIDS related service delivery system, learn self-advocacy skills, and overcome barriers to access
Access to Care
Teaches high risk HIV+ drug users how to prepare for, gain access to, and succeed in HIV primary care
1-800 Get-Connected Program
Provides telephone-based transitional case management
Multi Module Prevention Program
Provides HIV prevention through individual counseling and group level intervention
Mental Health Services
Provides prevention and health promotion services to mentally ill and dually diagnosed clients
Access to Drug Treatment Program
Provides recovery readiness and case management for drug treatment
Peer Training Program
Develops volunteers into employable harm reduction workers
Counseling, Testing and Treatment Program
Provides community-based rapid HIV testing and the implementation of the evidence-based Safety Counts group intervention
Viral Hepatitis Integration Project
Provides screening and vaccinations for Hepatitis
Expanded HIV Testing and Access to Care
Provides increased access to rapid HIV testing at street-side delivery sites in the Bronx
Get Connected!
Provides mental health and substance misuse screenings and referrals/connections to care.
Protect Our Partners
Implements the evidence-based Healthy Relationships group intervention for HIV+ substance users
Project ANIMO
Provides Spanish-speaking motivational enhancement counseling and case management services to Latino/a substance users and their sexual partners
Sharperware Program

Peer referral program for overdose prevention, safer injection education and registration for syringe exchange

Motivational enhancement groups and counseling, case management and comprehensive risk counseling services
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