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NYHRE helps connect people with the right services. Our counselors assess each individual’s situation, work with each person to identify their individual needs, discuss how best to meet those needs, and identify any barriers to accessing external services. NYHRE also recommends options for referral sites, follows up to determine if participants used a service and if it was delivered in a respectful manner.




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NYHRE staff assist participants in connecting with the services they want to access, based on their individual situations. Harm Reduction Counseling and outreach sessions provide empowerment-based, non-judgmental support that include helping people connect with the services they want to access. NYHRE works with people to identify the things they need, discusses how they want to meet those needs, identifies any barriers to accessing external services, provides options for referral sites, and follows-up to see how if the service was accessed by the participant and delivered in a respectful manner by the provider.


At NYHRE, we also provide escorts for participants who are in need of extra support in obtaining external resources. NYHRE staff and peers provide the opportunity for participants to be escorted to common resources such as, The Human Resource Administration, medical appointments, and housing interviews/appointments. This extra level of support goes a long way in ensuring that participants get their needs met.