Safer Sex Education


Participants who want to discuss their sexual practices with an NYHRE trained counselor can do so at private sessions. NYHRE’s counselors and peers can provide comprehensive health information and discuss high risk factors, safer sex supplies, or how to use negotiation skills in high-risk situations. For those who need access to HIV, HCV, or STI testing, services are available at NYHRE or in the community.



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Harm Reduction Counseling staff and Peers conduct individualized sessions with participants who want to have open and honest discussions about their sexual practices. Sessions may focus on drug use, sex work, sex with multiple or anonymous partners, or ways to improve communication skills. Counselors are trained to use various methods to provide comprehensive sexual health information, as well as the demonstrative practice of safer sex supplies. Counseling includes discussion of sexual risk factors, increased use of negotiation skills in high risk sexual or drug-related situations, increased and proper use of sexual barriers and increased awareness of and access to HIV, HCV & STI testing services available at NYHRE and in the community.

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Healthier Sex Tips