Support Groups


Participants can find the support they need – when they need it – at an NYHRE weekly support group. There, they can explore such topics as health education, harm reduction techniques, stress reduction – in an open, safe environment. Facilitated by NYHRE harm reduction counselors, the sessions offer guidance in a caring and supportive setting. Sessions offer participants the flexibility to drop in as their schedules permit; no advance registration is required.


Our weekly drop-in groups allow participants the freedom to decide when they attend a group, and provide a safe space for participants to obtain guidance and support from their peers and NYHRE staff. Facilitators are Harm Reduction Counseling staff and Peers, and Mental Health Interns who respond to issues that arise organically from discussion and encourage all group attendees to participate. Rather than rigidly attending to an agenda, the facilitators allow for exploration of current needs as expressed by participants. Group topics may include health education, harm reduction techniques, stress reduction, treatment readiness, and social support.

Writing Groups

In the Writing group, participants get the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings, stories, and talents, all within a supportive and healing environment.  Open to all participants, everyone in the group gets 30 minutes to write whatever is on their minds, or respond to a topic. After writing, participants get the opportunity to share. The group then provides feedback, drawing connections and relating to one another through shared experience. This group has been said to be many of the participants’ favorite because it provides a space to connect with others and discuss their shared challenges and triumphs.

Closed Groups

Some groups at NYHRE cater specifically to different populations of people. These groups are called Closed Groups because only participants who belong to the target population are allowed to participate. Currently such groups include those for individuals who are; HIV positive, struggling to reduce their drug and alcohol use, Women only, and Men only.