We Are The Medicine


Reconnecting to social networks, cultural values, and traditions can enable people to discover meaning in their lives, encourage self-healing, and help reduce high risk behaviors. We Are The Medicine (WATM), a participant-directed support service, encourages the exploration of personal beliefs and helps participants reconnect with their faith traditions. African tribal religions and aspects of Santeria practice are among the many indigenous traditions explored. Our evolving curriculum welcomes participants from a variety of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds.



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We Are The Medicine (WATM) is a participant-directed support service that includes the cultural and religious traditions and practices which are most familiar to and understood by our participants, including aspects of Santeria practice, various African tribal religions, and other healing modalities. WATM recognizes that there are important differences between these indigenous traditions and the way that they manifest themselves within communities of color and other faith-based support services which are often thought of as a resource for people who use drugs or engage in sex work.

WATM has an evolving curriculum to accommodate participants who come from a variety of cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds and experiences and encourages exploration of personal beliefs and assists participants in identifying areas they would like to change to better align themselves with their beliefs. WATM facilitates reconnection to social networks and cultural values and traditions which enables participants to discover meaning in their lives and encourage self-care, improve self-esteem, and promote reconnection to faith traditions which provide support for reducing high-risk behaviors.